Friday, August 10, 2007

His religion was America

“Thank you, sir, for your service and moral courage.”
“You are a great inspiration.”
“I am sure there was a special place in Heaven for you.”
“May you sit tonight at the right hand of God.”

From notes left at the website.

Who is the recipient of these bouquets, left by his worshipping admirers? None other than William Tecumseh (“War is Hell”) Sherman.

We can only assume that Uncle Billy’s fascist fans know who it is they’re talking about. After all, it’s not as though his career and character were a secret.

Biographer Michael Fellman acknowledges “what Sherman sometimes referred to as the ’final solution of the Indian problem,’ which he defined as killing hostile Indians and segregating their pauperized survivors in remote places where they would not threaten white settlers.” General Sherman told President Grant, “We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, even to their extermination, men, women and children.”

But he didn’t only hate Native Americans. Just a few years earlier, Sherman was waging a “hard war” of extermination against Southern-Americans. Confederates, said Sherman, could expect to be “involved in the destruction that awaits armed rebellion against the nation’s will.” His army burned homes, churches, farms, and businesses; plundered towns and entire districts; forced into exile unoffending civilians; arrested and imprisoned women and children; shelled cities with the stated goal of terrorizing non-combatants; and committed murder. (And to think, Southerners wanted to leave a great country like that!)

In Columbia, South Carolina, the general’s men gang-raped black women on the streets as the city burned. “I like niggers well enough as niggers,” Sherman confided to a friend, though only “fools & idiots promoted their advancement.” There were no black soldiers in his army of course, for “I won’t trust niggers to fight yet.” Still, said Sherman, “I profess to be the best kind of a friend to Sambo.”

In July 1862, Sherman stopped all cotton trading carried on in Memphis by, in the general’s words, “Jews and speculators.” When Orangeburg burned during his march through South Carolina, Sherman promoted the tale that the town was not torched by his troops, but that “some Jew did it.”

Did we mention that Hitler thought highly of the Union cause?

Sherman’s crimes are of course excused by the History Channel, academic historians, the establishment elite, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and flag-waving American patriots everywhere. After all, he helped the sainted Abraham “save the Union.”

Tom DiLorenzo pointed out that “saving the Union” may be compared to a man who is abusing his wife, causing her to leave. The man finds her, beats her up, drags her back into the house, and says— ”If you leave again, I’ll kill you!” The man is then praised for “saving the marriage.” But this analogy can only speak to those who believe that political unions, like marriages, must be voluntary— that coercing others is wrong.

Dr. Harry Stout of Yale University Divinity School recently said, “Sherman’s religion was America, and America’s God was a jealous God of law and order, such that all those who resisted were reprobates who deserved death.”

Sherman’s religion was America. That explains a great deal, then and now.

South Carolina League of the South

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