Friday, August 3, 2007

"It was a sad day ..."

Maj. Gen. Matthew C. Butler (1836-1909)

“It was a sad day when this great light of constitutional government was put out [the Southern Confederacy], by superior force and overwhelming numbers. Its record will survive through the ages among the grandest and greatest efforts of mankind to establish and perpetuate a form of government best suited to the happiness and welfare of its inhabitants. Its civic history is no less brilliant than its military, and the two combined make a record unsurpassed in human effort.”
Speaking at a reunion in Chester, SC, 1899

“If in less than half a century after the event [Southern secession], the trend of political power towards centralization in the Federal government, and in like proportion has minimized the powers and influence of the States and people, it requires no great stretch of prophetic opinion to say what the next half century will bring forth, and how wise and far-seeing the statesman and publicist were who struggled against such a tendency.”

Speaking at the unveiling of the Wade Hampton monument, Columbia, SC, 1906

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