Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For your edification and amusement, reproduced here are two contemporary political cartoons featuring the Sainted Abraham.
The one on top, from Harper's Weekly (January 3, 1863) has Columbia confronting Lincoln and asking, "Where are my 15,000 sons-murdered at Fredericksburg?" Lincoln says, "This reminds me of a little joke -" Columbia responds, "Go tell your joke at Springfield!!"
"Extremes Meet" is the title of a cartoon from the British Punch (October 24, 1863), comparing Lincoln with the Czar of Russia. The caption reads:
"Abe: Imperial son of Nicholas the Great,
We sir in the same fix, I calculate,
You with your Poles, with Southern rebels I,
Who spurn my rule and my revenge defy.
"Alex: Vengeance is mine, old man; see where it falls,
Behold yon hearth laid waste, and ruined walls,
Yon gibbets, where the struggling patriot hangs,
Whilst my brave myrmidons enjoy his pangs."

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