Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Remembering the days ..."

The above photo was scanned from pages 484-5 of the 1968 Garnet and Black, then the yearbook of the University of South Carolina. Do you notice anything extraordinary (other than the fact that 40 years ago even students dressed up for football games)? Flying above the student section of Carolina (now Williams-Brice) Stadium is a huge Confederate battle flag! And it was not placed there by some rebellious undergraduate, but by those in charge of Coach Paul Dietzel’s football program. In 1967, Confederate flags were often seen at pep rallies and games, and every time the Gamecock Marching Band played “Dixie” (yes, that happened often!), the students went wild.

South Carolina’s current coach, Steve Spurrier, spends much of his time trying to keep his players out of the Richland County Detention Center. But what really makes him mad is, in his own words, “that damn flag.” Last season a fan displayed one before a game, and the coach was terribly embarrassed.

For those embarrassed by the ol’ ball coach, call 1-800-327-8606 to order your “PUNT SPURRIER” bumper sticker.

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