Saturday, July 21, 2007

Review of "The Last Confederate"

South Carolinian Weston Adams—Columbia attorney, former state legislator, and United States ambassador—has always been proud to share his family’s experiences during the War for Southern Independence. Now one of those stories has been made into a motion picture!

An Adams’ family project, the independent film was shot in the Carolinas and shown at a number of film festivals under the title “Strike the Tent,” winning nine awards. There was a limited theatrical release, and it’s now available on DVD as “The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams.”

The movie relates the romance between Captain Adams of the Charleston Light Dragoons (portrayed by his great-great-grandson Julian Adams) and Pennsylvania-born Evangeline McCord (played by a stunning Gwendolyn Edwards). There are cameo appearances by screen legends Mickey Rooney and Tippi Hedren. The cinematography and soundtrack are excellent.

Did we mention that this movie was not made in Hollywood? “Confederates are portrayed as shining heroes while Union soldiers are seen as soulless, pillaging murderers,” whines the Los Angeles Times. “In this universe, benevolent Southerners love and care for black people; it's invading Northerners who beat the slaves.” And they say Californians can’t learn!

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