Friday, October 12, 2007

DeRosa's new book is now available!

The framers of the Confederate Constitution were, from long experience, well aware of Washington's appetite for power, and convinced that centralized government inevitably leads to tyranny. When Southerners set up their own federal system after secession, their supreme objective was political decentralization and the rule of law (in contrast to rule by law) as protection against abuse of power. Dr. DeRosa is absolutely correct when he says, "the original and ongoing campaign against CSA principles is a ruse to augment the scope and reach of a coercive centralized government, at the expense of individual and community self determination."

Professor of political science and expert in constitutional law, DeRosa is author of the classic study The Confederate Constitution of 1861. In his new book, he goes on to make the compelling argument that truly democratic principles are to be found in the Southern model of government. If Americans are ever to regain their liberties lost at Appomattox, it will be in a return to the fundamental principles embodied in the Confederate Constitution. Bold and insightful, Redeeming American Democracy is a must read!

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